All PhD work is officially published!

So big news... all the papers from my PhD are now out. The last one, looking at Ni & Zn binding to abiotic manganese oxides when reacted with Mn(II), just came out in ES&T. I loved the research involved in this paper -- a lot of beamtime, a lot of syntheses, a lot of samples (a LOT of conical centrifuge tubes -- 263 samples, each one requiring 3 test tubes for experiment, filtrate, dilution = 789 test tubes), a lot of fun times in the lab, and a lot of coffee. Now that is done, I get to really focus on my little fungi & the structures of manganese oxides they end up making!

Hinkle M.A.G., Becker K.G., Catalano J.G. “Impact of Mn(II)-Manganese oxide reactions on Ni and Zn speciation.” Environmental Science & Technology 51(6), 3187-3196. [link]

DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.6b04347